Company's latest news
     Our company specializes in R&D and production of large circle machine intelligent control network management system. The product adopts 8-inch LED LCD screen, high-end atmosphere, powerful functions, rich display content, and modular function settings. At present, the main products developed are the intelligent control panel for large circular knitting machines, which is highly integrated, simple to operate, cost-effective, with output statistics, production efficiency analysis graphs, historical data records and queries, probes, cloth probes, and yarn length monitoring The control functions of the machine, electronic servo yarn delivery system, automatic doffing, and automatic yarn loading of the robot are all integrated in the control panel.
     The common phenomenon of needle butt grinding in enterprises refers to: due to abnormal reasons such as low needle hardness, excessive force on the knitting needle during weaving, insufficient lubrication of the equipment, or too long needle life cycle, etc., the needle butt pressure of the knitting needle The phenomenon of wear on the end face of the needle or the end face of the needle jack. The main reasons for the phenomenon of needle butt grinding include the following aspects.
     The network intelligent background management system sends the required machines and production data information to the PC terminal, connects to the ERT system, and supports practical functions such as remote update and maintenance